Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mothers Days Ideas

I am the worlds worst gift giver. Don't get me wrong I start off strong with ideas. Then before you know it the day comes and I still have yet to get a gift. I run out grab whatever quick idea comes to mind. Then once the gift has been given I vow to buy a great gift the next time.
So its now the next time. Mothers Day is right around the corner. I received an email from Pottery Barn this morning. They are advertising strong to all of us that has a mothers day presents to buy. As I am checking the advertising I run across this great locket so it gets me thinking. I might just go old school. I love the Sterling Silver engravable oval locket necklace they have. My mom really loves this kind of stuff. I posted a couple of pic

Now dont hold me to it. I'm also thinking of going new age and get her Digital Picture frame. I have tons of old and new photos from the whole family. This is also something she would really appriate especially if she doest have to try to figure out to get the picture from the computer to the frame. 

What are your mothers day ideas? If you already know what you are getting let us know.

Happy Mothers Day everyone xoxo 

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